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Ocean Kayak offers quality "Sit-On-Top" kayaks. Sit-On-Tops have an open deck with room to stretch out. This makes them easier to get in and out of, and they can be more comfortable for taller or larger paddlers. The Ocean Kayak name does not mean they are only for use on the oceans, though they do perform well in big, open waters - Ocean Kayaks are also perfect for the smallest lakes and streams.

Unlike the kayaks you find at "Big-Box" stores, Ocean Kayaks have superior design, performance and reliability. Ocean Kayaks track straighter and are more durable than kayaks sold at Big-Box stores.

We sell all kayaks and accessories offered by Ocean Kayak. Some are in stock at our store. We can order any Ocean Kayak watercraft not currently in stock. Orders ship to our store from the warehouse in Maine within one to two weeks.

When shopping, consider a quality Ocean Kayak for a better kayaking experience. Beware of the cheap Big-Box store kayaks -- "You get what you pay for."

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Online ordering is currently not available on this web site. To order or see if a specific kayak is in stock at our store, please EMAIL or call us (574-244-2279).

You can "Window Shop" Ocean Kayaks by selecting the link below. Note that the link below takes you to Ocean Kayak's web site. If you place an order there, you will be dealing directly with Ocean Kayak -- the kayak would be shipped directly to you and you will pay shipping fees. If you are ready to order a kayak, we suggest you contact us so that we can place the order for you, without shipping charges.
( Just use the link below for Window Shopping, not for ordering ).

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